Antivirus installination systems. TurTECH Antivirus installination systems.

What is an antivirus programme?

Antivirus is the name of applications which were written against viruses. They are meant to keep your system clean and prevent any virus from doing harm to your computer. They use different ways to locate and quarantine viruses. These methods specific their speed and principles. Contrary to what is believed an antivirus program is not enough to ensure your systems security. You also need a licensed anti virus program. In addition to that it is also very much recommended to have an anti spyware and firewall applications for your systems safety.

Turtech offers security for every customer on every platform

Sadece bilgisayarlarımız değil. Son dönemlerde mobil cihazlarımız da virüslerin hedefi altında. Sadece mobil cihazlarımız da değil. Kurumsal firmaların routerları ve network ağları da hedef oluyor. İşte bu noktada TurTech, hem yazılımsal hem de donanımsal olarak güvenliğiniz için tüm önlemleri alıyor.

Not just your computers your mobile devices are also under threat we offer solutions for your safety for mobile devices, routers and networks alike. We take all necessary precautions for our customers. Turtech sells Nod32, Kaspersky, Mcafee, Norton anti virus applications and offers Installation assistance as well.


In order to protect your system from possible cyber attacks you need an anti virus programme.
You are always safe with Anti Virus applications installed by TurTech.

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