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Why Server?

Our server installations are made depending on the customers needs..

Having a server in the company provides many advantages. If can list them as follows:

DataBase Server:Database server is an application for our customers who need a secure storage system.

Mail Server:This application is installed for customers to have their e mails on their own server so the customer doesn't have to pay for an additional mail service.

Web Server:: This application ables customers to publish their web sites on the internet. With this application the customer doesn’t have to pay for an additional hosting service.

Domain Controller:This is application which is needed for the customer to have more control over the server. This application is especially needed for customers who have many users trying to reach the system.

File Sharing:This application manages file sharing for the customer. By using this app you can enable or disable sharing certain files on the server.

Proxy Server:With this app you can set a surfing limit for your visitors on your website. You can also implement certain policies regarding visiting a website (allowed-forbidden) .

FTP Server:This application enables your customers to send/receive files from your server.

CA Server:This application enables your customers to send and receive files on internet. With this application your connections become much more secure.

Exchange ServerExchange server is a communication app made by Microsoft. It is a part of Microsoft Servers which is used frequently with Microsoft based systems.

Exchange server excels with its mailing, calendar and web based accessibility.

It is designed to assist you with all kinds of communication needs within your company.

Message protection helps keeping your companies computers virus and spam mail free. Microsoft exchange increases operational effectiveness by enabling all users to access mails, fax and system data on web.

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